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Split Rail Fence Services in Johnson City
Newly installed split rail fence defining boundaries in Johnson City, TN.

Johnson City, TN Fence Company & Split Rail Fences

In the heart of Johnson City, TN, our company stands out as the leading provider of high-quality Split Rail Fences. Known for their timeless charm and robust character, split rail fences are a popular choice among property owners looking to blend functionality with rustic aesthetics. As a premier fence company in Johnson City, TN, we specialize in enhancing your property’s outdoor appeal while bolstering its security.

Choosing the right fencing contractors near you is crucial, and our team is committed to offering top-notch services that cater to your unique needs. We understand the local terrain, weather conditions, and community preferences, making us the go-to fencing company in Johnson City, TN. Our close proximity to our clients allows us to provide personalized services, making us the favorite fence company near me for many satisfied customers.

Introduction to Split Rail Fencing

Split rail fencing, a historical staple in rustic architecture, is synonymous with durability, simplicity, and natural beauty. Originating in the earliest days of American history, this fencing style remains a prevalent choice for property owners in Johnson City, TN, who appreciate its classic, unpretentious charm and practicality. Where chain link fences offer more security, split rail offer a more charming appeal.

As a leading fence company in Johnson City, TN, we take pride in our deep understanding of split rail fencing’s heritage, its construction, and the undeniable appeal it adds to any property.

This type of fence is characterized by its construction without nails or screws, using precisely cut posts and rails for a perfect fit. It’s an ideal option for those searching for “fencing contractors near me” who offer environmentally friendly solutions with a visually appealing, traditional look.

Besides its aesthetic value, split rail fencing is known for its affordability and ease of installation, making it a popular choice among Johnson City fence companies for properties of various sizes.

When local customers search for a “fence company near me,” they find more than a service provider; they discover a partner in us. We’re not just a fencing company in Johnson City, TN; we’re custodians of tradition, blending time-honored fencing methods with modern, durable materials designed to withstand the elements and the test of time.

Our commitment goes beyond erecting fences — we build lasting relationships through quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer service.

Why Split Rail Fencing?

In the diverse world of fencing, you might wonder, “Why choose a split rail fence?” As a revered fence company in Johnson City, TN, we’re here to illuminate the compelling reasons behind this timeless choice, harmonizing tradition with contemporary needs.

Rustic Charm: The Ultimate Lawn Aesthetic Booster

Firstly, split rail fences are the epitome of rustic charm, instantly elevating the natural beauty of any property. Maybe you have a wonderful view from your kitchen window, you wouldn’t want it to be blocked by a privacy fence right? Split rail is a great alternative, they create an inviting, warm aesthetic that modern fencing options often lack.

Johnson City Fence Company can deliver that quintessential Tennessee countryside look, split rail fencing is the answer.

Durability: The Lowest Maintenance Fence

Durability is another hallmark of split rail fences. Crafted from high-quality timber, these fences are designed to endure, making them a prudent investment for property owners seeking “fence companies near me” that offer long-lasting solutions. Their open design minimizes wind resistance, ensuring stability during the tempestuous Johnson City weather.

Cost Effective: Your Most Affordable option

Cost-effectiveness further bolsters their appeal. When exploring “fence company close to me” online, budget-conscious clients will find split rail fences an attractive option due to their affordability, both in installation and maintenance. Their natural resistance to decay extends their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent repairs.

Unmatched Versatility: Adaptable and Dependable

Lastly, split rail fences offer unmatched versatility. Whether you’re delineating property lines, securing livestock, or simply enhancing your yard’s aesthetics, these fences are adaptable to various needs. This versatility is why we, as a leading fencing company in Johnson City, TN, often recommend split rail fencing to our diverse clientele.

In essence, split rail fences are more than just a boundary; they’re a statement of elegance, resilience, and harmony with nature. They stand as a testament to our heritage while serving practical purposes, making them an unparalleled choice in fencing.

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A high-resolution thumbnail of a new, custom split rail fence crafted from designer wood, showcasing unique patterns and professional craftsmanship, located in Johnson City, TN, blending modern and rustic aesthetics.

Custom Split Rail Fence Services in Johnson City

What sets us apart as a leading fencing company in Johnson City, TN, is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our custom split rail fences are not only aesthetically pleasing but also constructed with the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability in mind.

We source the best materials and employ tried-and-true installation techniques, guaranteeing a fence that endures and delights for years to come.

Residential Split Rail Options

Homeowners everywhere are often seeking ways to enhance their property’s visual appeal. Split rail fences serve this need perfectly, adding a touch of rustic elegance that complements the natural surroundings. Their simple yet distinctive look can significantly boost curb appeal, making them a popular choice for residential properties.

Defining Boundaries Clearly

Sometimes you don’t want a privacy fence blocking your nice scenic view. Split rail fences are excellent for delineating property lines. They provide a clear demarcation of your space, establishing boundaries with neighbors or surrounding areas. This clarity is beneficial for legal purposes and maintaining good neighborhood relations, a key consideration when searching for fencing contractors near me

Offering Cost-Effective Solution

Cost is a crucial factor for many homeowners. As a leading fence company in Johnson City, TN, we understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions. Split rail fences are not only affordable to install but also low-maintenance, providing a cost-effective fencing option without compromising on quality or aesthetics

Wood Fencing for Business: A Professional Aesthetic

Business owners searching for a fencing contractor for commercial properties will find our custom services equally beneficial. From defining boundaries for farms and ranches to adding a touch of rustic charm to commercial spaces, our split rail fences combine functionality with style. We offer various customization options, including the number of rails, the type of wood, and additional security features, ensuring your commercial space stands out with its distinct character.

Elevating Your Security

Split rail fencing, while open and inviting, can be customized with added features such as wire mesh to enhance security, making it harder for intruders to access your property. This setup not only secures your premises but also ensures privacy for your commercial activities, a crucial factor for businesses operating in Johnson City, TN.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard valuable assets or create a private space for your operations, opting for a split rail fence from a reputable fence company like Johnson City Fence Company can serve these needs efficiently and aesthetically.

Cost-Effective Perimeter Definition

Cost-effectiveness is paramount for businesses, especially when it comes to large-scale fencing needs. Split rail fences offer an economical solution for companies seeking to define their property’s perimeters without incurring excessive costs. Their simple design and minimal material requirements make them a budget-friendly option, providing clear boundary demarcation at a fraction of the cost of other fencing types.

When local businesses search for a fence company near me, they’re assured of a solution that balances cost, functionality, and visual appeal with our split rail fencing options. secure, stylish boundaries for homes and businesses alike.

A clear, high-resolution thumbnail image focusing on a new split rail fence being professionally installed in a residential side yard, with workers actively engaged in the project, visible in the distance.

Split Rail Fence Installation

Our Process

Embarking on a fence installation project requires careful planning, precision, and expertise. As a top-tier fence company in Johnson City, TN, we’ve honed our process to ensure efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction from consultation to completion.

Consultation and Planning

Every successful project begins with thorough consultation and planning. When you reach out to us after searching for a “fence company near me,” we initiate the process with a comprehensive assessment of your property. This stage involves understanding your preferences, evaluating the terrain, and discussing the customizations you desire. Our experts also provide valuable insights and transparent quotes, ensuring you’re well-informed before any work begins.

Precise and Efficient Installation

Precision is crucial in split rail fence installation, and our team excels in it. We start by marking the exact boundary lines and setting the posts at accurate intervals. Our seasoned installers use time-tested techniques to ensure your fence is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound. Clients who choose us from the list of “fencing contractors near me” can expect a seamless installation process with minimal disruption to their daily activities.

Quality Assurance and Final Inspection

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end once the fence is up. After installation, we conduct a final inspection to ensure every aspect meets our high standards and your expectations. As a leading fencing company in Johnson City, TN, we stand behind the quality of our work, and this final review ensures you’re completely satisfied with your new split rail fence.

Follow-Up Services

Our relationship with clients goes beyond installation. We offer follow-up services to check on your fence’s condition and provide maintenance tips. For us, every search for a “fence company close to me” is an opportunity to forge lasting relationships based on trust, quality, and unparalleled service.

Damaged privacy fence with missing panels and structural weakness in Johnson City, TN.

Repair and Maintenance Services For Your Split Rail Fencing

Prompt Emergency Repairs

Fences are the first line of defense against the elements and unforeseen incidents, and unexpected damage can compromise security. Whether it’s weather-related harm or accidental breakage, our emergency repair services are just a call away. When you search for “fencing contractors near me” during those critical moments, you’ll find our team ready to restore your fence’s integrity swiftly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Damage Assessment and Restoration

Our services go beyond superficial fixes. We conduct a thorough damage assessment to uncover any hidden issues, followed by a complete restoration. This meticulous approach ensures that your split rail fence continues to serve its purpose effectively, a commitment you expect when seeking a “fence company near me.”

Regular Maintenance for Longevity

Regular maintenance is key to your fence’s longevity. Our maintenance program includes routine inspections, cleaning, and necessary repairs, helping to preserve your fence’s appearance and durability. This proactive service saves you time and money in the long run, affirming why we’re a go-to choice for “fencing company Johnson City TN.”

Preventative Measures for Enhanced Durability

We believe in preventing issues before they arise. Our experts can recommend and implement preventative strategies, such as weather-proofing treatments or reinforcements for areas prone to damage. These measures keep your fence in prime condition year-round, providing peace of mind and satisfaction in choosing us from your search for a “fence company close to me.”

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Why Choose Us for Your Privacy Fencing Needs in Johnson City?

Local Expertise

Understanding Johnson City’s Needs

As a local business, we understand the specific needs and challenges of properties in Johnson City, TN. We’re familiar with the local climate and its impact on fencing materials, and we’re well-versed in the community’s aesthetic preferences and neighborhood guidelines.

Compliance with Local Regulations

Navigating local zoning laws and HOA rules can be complex, but we’re here to make it simple. We’re well-versed in Johnson City’s regulations regarding fence installations and ensure that your new Split Rail Fence is fully compliant, saving you from future legal hassles.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to you goes beyond the installation of your Split Rail Fence. We strive to ensure every interaction you have with our team is positive, informative, and reassuring.

Don’t just take our word for it — our satisfied customers speak for us. We’re proud of the glowing testimonials we’ve received from residents and businesses across Johnson City, reflecting our dedication to quality, professionalism, and customer service.

Voices Of Satisfaction

Happy customer standing in front of a newly installed fence in Johnson City, TN.
Tom McDonald - Johnson City, TN

At first, I was hesitant to get another fence after a bad run-in with a previous contractor. But man, Johnson City Fence Company totally changed the game for me. Jerry and his crew were on point - quick installation, always kept me in the loop, and the quality? Top-notch. Seriously, if you're in the market for a fence, I'd highly recommend giving Johnson City Fence Company a call. They won't let you down.

Smiling woman standing proudly by her newly installed fence in Johnson City, TN.
Sarah - Home Owner

Johnson City Fence Company transformed my backyard! The team was professional, and the wood fence they installed is both beautiful and sturdy. Highly recommend!

Joyful homeowner proudly standing next to his new fence in Johnson City, TN.
David - Ranch Owner

The field fence installation was seamless. Johnson City Fence Company understands the needs of a farm, and their work is a testament to that. Trustworthy and efficient!

Our Pledge to Excellence in Split Rail Fencing

In the heart of Johnson City, local expertise is paramount when it comes to fencing solutions, and Johnson City Fence Company stands as a beacon of trust and quality in this domain. As a deeply rooted fence company in Johnson City, TN, our intrinsic understanding of the area’s unique climate, topography, and community standards shapes our bespoke fencing solutions.

We’re adept at tailoring our services to withstand Johnson City’s diverse weather conditions, ensuring robust, lasting installations. Navigating the local zoning laws and building codes is second nature to us, providing our clients with hassle-free compliance and peace of mind they expect when searching for a fence company near me. Our commitment extends beyond mere construction; we’re dedicated to preserving the community’s aesthetic, offering designs that echo Johnson City’s spirit, whether they lean toward historical reverence or contemporary flair.

Furthermore, our pledge to the local economy is unwavering — we prioritize local suppliers, sustaining the community that nurtures us. This holistic, community-centric approach cements Johnson City Fence Company as the premier choice for those seeking a reliable, locally versed fencing company in Johnson City, TN.


Choosing the right fencing solution involves much more than selecting a style; it’s about entrusting your property’s security, aesthetics, and compliance to experts who care. Johnson City Fence Company isn’t just a service provider; we’re your neighbors, deeply invested in the community’s wellbeing and beauty. Our comprehensive services, from customized installation to diligent maintenance, are all delivered with the hallmark of local expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a fence; you’re investing in a durable, beautiful boundary that respects and enhances the local landscape, crafted by a team that puts your needs and the community’s ethos at the forefront.

What sets Johnson City Fence Company apart: our deep roots in Johnson City, TN, an unrelenting dedication to quality, and an intimate understanding of what local properties need. We’re more than a fencing company; we’re a partner in enhancing your property’s value and charm. Reach out to us today, and let’s build not just a fence, but a stronger, more beautiful community, one project at a time.